Vehicle and driver accreditation

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Vehicle and driver accreditation

Premium package participants may accredit one private vehicle and two drivers. Vehicle and driver accreditation is closed. Once applied for, driver accreditation badges and transportation passes can be collected in person from the accreditation point in Tulip Inn Omega Sochi hotel upon presentation of a passport, or by power of attorney, a form for which is available for download below.

Accredited vehicles will have access to:

How to obtain vehicle passes and driver badges

Every accredited vehicle will be issued a vehicle pass; drivers of any such vehicles must be accredited too.

Vehicle passes and driver badges will be issued at an accreditation point located in the Tulip Inn Omega Sochi hotel.

Vehicle and driver accreditation point opening hours

Location Address Date Hours
Tulip Inn Omega Sochi 3, Olimpiysky Prospekt 5–13 February 10:00–19:00
14—15 February 08:00—20:00
16 February 08:00—15:00

Vehicle passes will be issued to specific vehicles indicating the vehicle model and license plate number. Any pass or badge transferred to a third party will be canceled.

We recommend placing your vehicle pass on the right side inside the windshield. When entering a restricted-access area, the driver and all passengers inside a vehicle are required to produce accreditation badges for a security check.

Please make sure your vehicle pass and driver badges are ready before attempting to collect them.

Vehicle passes and driver badges may be collected in person by presenting an ID (passport), or by a third person acting under a power of attorney.

Collecting vehicle passes or driver badges under a power of attorney

When collecting a vehicle pass or a driver badge by a third person under a power of attorney, the authorized person must present:

* Power of attorney for collecting a vehicle pass or a driver accreditation badge
  Example of a completed power of attorney for collecting a vehicle pass or a driver accreditation badge

** Copies of passports will be returned once badges have been issued.

For more information, please contact the Russian Investment Forum information centre:
Phone.: +7 (495) 640 6547