The Governors’ Club at the Russian Investment Forum 2019 offers an area for relaxation and informal communication between the heads of Russia’s regions. Its visitors include governors and plenipotentiary representatives of the President of the Russian Federation as well as members of delegations from various regions of the country.

Visits to the Governors’ Club are only permitted if the head of the region or the plenipotentiary representative of the President of the Russian Federation is personally present (hereinafter the ‘delegation head’).

The Governors’ Club is located at the Russian Investment Forum 2019 venue in area 5.6 on the first floor.

The Governors’ Club is open on 13–15 February 2019. It is open to visitors on :

13 February from 09:00 to 18:00
14 February from 08:00 to 20:00
14 February from 08:00 to 18:00


A delegation head may be admitted to the Governors’ Club with the Russian Investment Forum 2019 accreditation and a special pass. Special passes are only issued to delegation heads at the Club information desk starting from 13 February. Delegation members accompanying a delegation head and/or partners involved in negotiations may only enter the Governors’ Club together with the delegation head with their numbers restricted to 3 people per 1 delegation head.

Media representatives shall not be admitted to the territory of the Governors’ Club .


Entrance zone

There is an information desk for visitors with an administrator at the entrance to the Governors’ Club . The administrator provides information support for the Club and resolves any issues that may arise.

Informal socializing zone

This zone can accommodate up to 60 people and includes a buffet and sofa areas for 2–4 people. Visitors can relax, have a snack, and chat in an informal atmosphere. Sofa areas are allocated as visitors to the Club arrive. To guarantee the availability of free space, please send an application for advance booking.


The format of the Governors’ Club at the Russian Investment Forum 2019 does not allow for holding business events, official negotiations, or signings. The Forum has various venues for business events of all types (rooms, a signing area, a networking area, etc.).

Furniture, appliances and/or decor in the zones of the Governors’ Club may not be rearranged.

No attempts may be made to independently connect/adjust/disconnect equipment in the zones of the Governors’ Club .


A buffet with drinks and snacks is available for visitors at all times when the Governors’ Club is open. The Club ’s services are only available to delegation heads as well as delegation members when the former are present.


Places may be reserved for delegation heads by sending an application to the email address of the Governors’ Club by 10 February 2019 inclusive.

An application to book a sofa area is considered within three business days.

All the necessary details between the customer and the administrator of the Governors’ Club are coordinated before final confirmation of the reservation is received.

For any questions related to the work of the Governors’ Club , please contact the administrator by phone at +7 (928) 234 1063 or send emails to the address

Please note that applications to visit the the Russian Investment Forum 2019 Governors’ Club are only accepted with a guarantee that a delegation head will take part in the events.