Kaliningrad to film TV series about amber business secrets in Russia

10 March 2017

Filming of a TV series about the post-Soviet history of the amber business in Russia will start in April, the TASS news agency reports. According to Profit Company CEO Igor Tolstunov, it will be a 16 episode television film tentatively titled “The Yellow Eye of the Tiger”.

“For the region, I think it will be extremely important that we tell the residents of our country above all about what amber is in general because amber is one of the characters in the series and a highly important dramatic link”, he said, noting that the film will show the entire process – from the production of both legal and illegal amber to the appearance of jewellery and its sale.

“It can be assumed that as is often the case with successful series – and we expect the series to be a success – we may see a rather serious increase in demand for amber, goods made from amber and so on”, he noted, adding that this would directly benefit the region and is generally one of the goals of the project.

The whole film will take place in Kaliningrad and the region’s cities – Svetlogorsk and Yantarny.

“We will be filming amber itself, the sea, medieval forts, Kaliningrad Amber Plant and ports – this will all probably create direct associations with these sites and evoke a desire to come here”, Tolstunov said.

Russian Federal Tourism Agency Director Oleg Safonov, who also attended the session, proposed translating the film into Chinese in order to promote it on the Chinese tourism market.

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