New settlements may emerge in Far Eastern Federal District

9 March 2017

The Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East (ADHC FE) has compiled a list of 45 sites for the compact location of land plots received as part of the “Far Eastern hectare” programme, where new settlements may appear, the press service of the Ministry for the Development of Russian Far East reports.

Deputy Prime Minister and Presidential Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev first spoke about the possible establishment of new settlements in the Far Eastern Federal District. During the session “New Conditions for Doing Business in the Far East: First Success Stories” at the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi, he suggested that the “Far East hectare” programme should facilitate the establishment of new settlements.

“We have now begun implementing the state programme for the development of single hectares. We already have around 70,000 applicants. This is the actual development of the Far East. This is all supported systematically and institutionally”, Trutnev said.

According to the Ministry for the Development of Russian Far East, more than 7,500 collective applications have currently been submitted to receive a “Far East hectare”.

Minister for the Development of Russian Far East Alexander Galushka said this makes up 11% of the total number of applications.

“They increased by a third in February. It’s obvious that citizens understand the benefits of collective farming and are taking a knowledgeable approach to the development of land plots. For example, collective applications take priority in terms of their provision of infrastructure, which quite reasonable and understandable economically”, he said.

For his part, ADHC FE General Director Valentin Timakov suggested that from the 45 known sites for the compact location of land plots the agency would receive at least 20 applications from citizens wishing to establish new settlements.

“In addition, people are taking plots next to each other within the boundaries of the settlements: such a concentration of cooperation creates grounds for the development of existing populated areas”, he noted.

Of the 45 sites for potential settlements, 25 of them are located in Primorye Territory. The largest number – nine – is located in the Khasansky District: there are five settlements with a concentration of more than 50 plots in one area, four with more than 100 plots and four with more than 150 plots. They are formed both using individual “hectares” as well as with plots received based on collective applications (from a group of up to 10 citizens).

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