Olga Vasilyeva: major universities can boost regions

28 February 2017

Forty university hubs are set to open across 30 Russian federal subjects by 2017 as part of the Major University priority project developed by the Ministry of Education and Science. The development was announced by Minister of Education and Science Olga Vasilyeva at the “Universities: Hubs of Regional Development” session of the Russian Investment Forum.

The minister described the Major University project as a research-led and sociocultural foundation for regional development in Russia. Under the programme, 100 university hubs are planned to be opened in 80% of Russia’s regions, along with 60 engineering centres at higher education institutions.

“Practical educational programmes are the future of learning,” Vasilyeva said. “University hubs should set the agenda for regional development. Our universities must become globally competitive.”

The Major University programme was launched a year ago, and now has 11 participating universities. At least 10 of the universities participating in the programme will comply with international ratings by 2025. A key aim behind the establishment of a network of major universities is the facilitation of socioeconomic development in Russia’s regions.

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