Olga Golodets: Universities to offer school classes

28 February 2017

“The importance of the university education system should not be underestimated. It is one of our main assets, and a competitive advantage of ours,” Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Olga Golodets said at the “Universities: Hubs of Regional Development” session of the Russian Investment Forum.

“Our task as government is to change the system of incentives for high-tech production, so that enterprises begin to invest in research. When technological developments are required by enterprises, universities are called upon, putting all their resources to work,” she said.

“Developing university education is a goal of both federal and regional powers,” Golodets added, noting that Russia is now home to world-leading universities, specializing in finding solutions to specific issues. For example, the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute is one of the world’s top universities by its number of foreign students, student intake, number of researchers, and by the number of commissions it receives.

The speaker also announced that, from next year, universities will be allowed to hold specialized school classes on their campuses. “The practice already exists, but it tends to be in contravention of the law,” she said.

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