Ministry of Economic Development to continue working to accelerate economic growth

14 March 2017

The Ministry of Economic Development continues to work on preparing an action by the Russian government for the period until 2025 to accelerate economic growth rates, Minister of Economic Development Maxim Oreshkin said. The ministry will set up ten interagency groups to finalize this document, he said.

“Invitations were sent out today to other agencies to establish working groups as part of which we will finalize the existing proposals. There will be ten working groups, including on taxes and other areas”, the minister said, explaining that multiple working groups will be set up for certain areas, while other areas will be studied without creating any advisory bodies.

The working groups will be headed by deputy ministers of the Ministry of Economic Development, the ministry’s press service said.

During the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev called on experts and business associations to get involved in the government’s preparation of a comprehensive action plan for the period until 2025 with the goal of achieving an economic growth pace that is comparable with the average global rates.

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