Glazyev: Education and healthcare should be priorities for Crimea

23 March 2017

Education and healthcare should be priorities for development in the Republic of Crimea and major funds should be invested in these sectors, TASS news agency quotes Russian Presidential Advisor on Regional Economic Integration Affairs Sergei Glazyev as saying.

“I think we need to invest as much as possible in the Crimean education system. It should be open to all of Russia and beyond – to the entire Eurasian Union. Education should become one of Crimea’s areas of specialization. And education will pull along with it science, high technologies, modernization, and growth in business activity”, he said.

Glazyev said introducing a provision in school education requiring every student to visit Crimea or Sevastopol at least once at the government’s expense could be a real possibility.

“The second priority is obvious – healthcare. Today, healthcare is turning into the largest sector of the economy”, he added, noting that Crimea has natural and ecological resources to develop this sphere and could qualify for certain quotas.

Other priority industries include the agricultural sector, construction industry, and the environment. Glazyev believes a subsidy system could easily be conceived and introduced for Crimea, which has to cope with additional transport and energy costs.

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