Conditions for participation

Detailed information about the conditions for participation is available on the official website of the Healthy Life Forum. 



If you would like to participate in the Forum, please complete an application.

All participation requests will be reviewed by the organizers and, if approved, an invitation will be sent to the applicant.

The organizers reserve the right to refuse an invitation to an applicant without explanation.

Participants who receive invitations are kindly requested to confirm or decline their participation in the personal web office section of the Russian Investment Forum website.

Personal web office

Please note: The Healthy Life Forum: Towards 80+ is included in the list of events for continuing medical and pharmaceutical education in the field of ‘Healthcare organization and public health’.

To earn credits, we recommend that Forum participants attend the panel sessions accredited by the Coordinating Council for Continuing Medical and Pharmaceutical Education:

  • Overcoming gaps in the quality of healthcare: staff and management

  • Reducing mortality from non-communicable diseases: implementing federal projects

  • Public health in the regions

  • A system of universal medicine provision: key to achieving the national goal

  • How to improve the quality of medical services in Russia and increase exports.

To register for and participate in the programme, please confirm via your personal web office that you are undertaking continuing medical and pharmaceutical education. Participation is free for doctors working in state and publically funded hospitals.

Participation fee and payment for participation

Each Forum participant concludes an invoice/agreement, confirming and guaranteeing their participation in the event.

Participation fees

EUR 220,00 (incl. VAT 20%)

USD 250,00 (incl. VAT 20%)

The participant enters payer information, selects a payment method, and creates an invoice contract in the Payment section of the personal web office.

The payment date shall be regarded as the date on which the funds are deposited in the Roscongress Foundation account. Participants may check whether the amount has been received by logging in to their personal web office, or by calling their Roscongress Foundation contact.

Healthy Life Forum events for Russian Investment Forum participants

Russian Investment Forum 2019 participants can freely attend Forum events; no additional registration is needed. To confirm your participation, please mark the corresponding field in your personal web office on the Russian Investment Forum website.

The Russian Investment Forum participant badge also provides access to Healthy Life Forum events.

Information about hotel accommodation options in Sochi for participants in the Healthy Life Forum: Towards 80+ and participants in the Russian Investment Forum is available in the Hotels section.

In case any further inquires arise, please contact the booking department via email:


For additional information about the Healthy Life Forum: Towards 80+, please contact the Russian Investment Forum information centre:
 +7 (495) 640 6547