The exhibition at the ‘Healthy Life: Towards 80+’ Forum

The exhibition at the ‘Healthy Life: Towards 80+’ Forum will:

  • demonstrate the latest technologies and advances in medicine and pharmaceuticals that aim to create a healthy society and increase life expectancy;
  • promote medical product manufacturers on the Russian market;
  • help involve potential investors in projects that are being implemented for their further development;
  • promote a healthy lifestyle;
  • create conditions for discussing innovations in medicine that aim to promote public health.

The partners and exhibitors of the ‘Healthy Life: Towards 80+’ Forum will have an additional opportunity on 13 February to meet and present their projects to leading representatives of investment funds from all over Russia as part of the Russian Investment Forum Case Zone.

The Russian Investment Forum Case Zone is an additional communication platform that is open to all Forum participants. It aims to provide a qualified professional audience and an opportunity for business development and networking in a professional environment.

For additional information please contact the Exhibition Projects Directorate:
 +7 (495) 640 6547
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Victoria Kirilova
Head of the West section of the Exhibition Projects Directorate
 +7 (495) 640 6547, ext. 141
 +7 (921) 347 3109