The exhibition at the ‘Healthy Life’ Forum

The ‘Healthy Life’ exhibition area is a point of attraction and the main discussion platform for leading representatives of the medical and scientific communities. At the forum’s exhibition, the primary players in the healthcare sector will have an opportunity to present breakthrough technological and innovative projects, exchange experience, and discuss current global trends.

The ‘Healthy Life’ Area offers:

  • a specialized platform for demonstrating the latest technologies and achievements in medicine and pharmaceuticals;
  • a constructive dialogue between leading healthcare experts and the state authorities;
  • a place to generate interest among potential investors in current projects for their further development

For questions concerning the signing of partnership agreements and additional opportunities to participate in the Healthy Life Forum, please contact the Roscongress Foundation.

Contact information:
Natalia Rodionova
Senior Expert for Development Directorate Projects
 +7 (812) 680 0034, доб. 1233
 +7 (926) 388 2938