Freitag Group

The Freitag Group of Companies works on projects that aim to strengthen trade and economic and export relations between Russia and Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. In this regard, our company has established itself as a reliable and professional partner with several years of experience in providing innovative solutions for developing and doing business.

Our business expansion strategy is as follows: developing large and medium-sized companies in Europe along with their mergers and relocation to the Russian Federation. With this approach, companies can manufacture their products in Russia and sell them in the European Union, which allows for significantly reducing costs on the promotion of products manufactured in the Russian Federation on the European market.

We devote special attention to the areas of industry that your region may need to develop. Our company’s tailored solutions and offerings will enable you to improve infrastructure, create new jobs, and improve product quality.

Association of Innovative Regions of Russia

The Association of Innovative Regions of Russia (AIRR) is an association of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation that was formed to support and promote innovative economic, scientific, technical, and educational projects. The Association was established with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development, Rusnano, and the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation (RANEPA) on 10 May 2010. The Association includes the 14 strongest and most innovative regions: the Republic of Bashkortostan, Republic of Mordovia, Republic of Tatarstan, Altai Territory, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Perm Territory, Irkutsk Region, Kaluga Region, Lipetsk Region, Novosibirsk Region, Samara Region, Tomsk Region, Tyumen Region, and Ulyanovsk Region.

The booth will host a presentation of the 2017 Rating of Innovative Regions of Russia, present the key projects of the Association, and hold more than ten signings at various levels for the economic development of AIRR member regions.

Kaluga Region

The Kaluga Region is located in the centre of the European part of Russia. Its favourable geographical location, well-developed infrastructure, and the presence of major industrial brands make the region one of the most comfortable places to do business and live.

Projects are being implemented in the Kaluga Region that have been in demand for a long time and cover virtually all branches of economic activity. Enterprises from international concerns operate here: AstraZeneca, Nestle, Volkswagen, Continental, L'Oreal, and Samsung, among others. In just short ten years, some 100 major industrial enterprises have set up operations in the region. The Kaluga Region is a leader in terms of industrial growth. Over ten years, the volume of industrial production has expanded five-fold, while exports from the region tripled in 2017 alone.

Economic activity practices, real investment by 160 companies from 90 countries, and a system of industrial parks and special economic zones all guarantee the safety and success of investment projects.

Welcome to the Kaluga Region!


Krasnodar Territory

This year, the Krasnodar Territory’s booth centres around the theme of the region’s future. Instead of individual proposals, the region is presenting a strategic approach to the implementation of investment ideas and opportunities, where all components are interrelated. The key slogan is ‘Krasnodar Territory – 2030.’ It’s a futuristic space and a city of the future.

The booth has two zones: a presentation zone and a negotiation zone.

The presentation zone is a platform where all the investment potential that is being presented can be viewed conveniently all at once: all municipalities divided into seven economic zones as well as flagship and sectoral projects.

The booth will offer a presentation of five key flagship cluster projects: eco-friendly agribusiness with advanced smart manufacturing, a tourism and recreational cluster, the ‘Southern Export and Import Hub’ trade, transport, and logistical cluster, a smart industry cluster, and a social and creative industries cluster.

The negotiation zone will offer closed and open negotiations, catering, an innovative gallery, and the Kuban 24 studio.


Leningrad Region

The Leningrad Region is one of the leaders of the North-Western Federal District in terms of economic development. The region borders Finland and Estonia and also has access to the Baltic Sea. The region is home to four major ports, five federal highways as well as thousands of kilometres of railways, roads, navigable routes, and main pipelines.

Its favourable geographical location as well as the implementation of federal infrastructure projects in the region has a positive impact on the region’s economic development. In particular, the Leningrad Region was consistently surpassing the national average in terms of per capita GRP over the period from 2012–2015.


Novosibirsk Region

The Novosibirsk Region is the transport, logistics, industrial, agricultural, and cultural centre of Siberia, not to mention a world-class scientific and educational centre. In 2017, the region gained another competitive advantage – the Priority Social and Economic Development Area in the monotown of Linevo, which will be presented at the Forum. The biggest project to be presented will be a wholesale distribution centre for the trade and processing of agricultural products with a price tag of RUB 19.7 billion. Another project to be presented at the booth will be a poultry complex for the industrial production and processing of turkey meat. In addition, there will be a presentation of the Salair Regional All-Seasonal Park for Tourism, Sports, and Recreation, which envisages the construction of 100 specialized winter and summer sports facilities. The Scientific and Production Cluster ‘Siberian Scienceopolis’ will present a project for the production of ‘protected’ (microencapsulated) vitamins for the manufacturing of premixes and mixed fodder as well as a project to set up the production of nanostructured ceramics for high-tech industries.


Pskov Region

The Pskov Region will make its debut at the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi with a presentation of its economic and investment potential as well as the region’s advanced industrial projects. Our region is the only one in Russia that borders two EU countries, which helps businesses to develop cooperation not only with major enterprises of the North-West, but also with their European partners. The Moglino Special Economic Zone is our leading platform for investors. The structure of the platform enables investors to launch projects in the shortest possible time while simultaneously saving up to a third of the cost on setting up production. The region is home to the Industrial Electric Engineering Cluster. It was formed on the core of industrial enterprises that are leaders in the Russian electrical engineering industry market. The cluster is implementing a unique project for Russia involving the manufacturing of electrical engineering products. We invite all Forum guests to learn more about these and other projects of the Pskov Region by visiting our booth!


St. Petersburg

The exposition will feature a presentation of St. Petersburg as one of the country’s most attractive regions for investors, as evidenced by the annual improvement of the city’s rankings in Russian and international ratings.

Guests and participants in the exhibition will have an opportunity to view the investment potential of St. Petersburg, its competitive advantages, the tried and tested system of state support measures for investors as well as the city’s promising investment projects.

The St. Petersburg’s exhibition will include a zone with an interactive screen, a comfortable and equipped meeting room, working areas for partner companies of the city’s Government with the opportunity to present investment projects as well as a business networking zone.

St. Petersburg will be presented as a city that has always been and will always remain open to Russian and European companies and the embodiment of modern trends and progressive ideas.


Saratov Region

The theme of the Saratov Region’s booth this year is investment in the future of the region. The key slogan is ‘Build with Us’.

The booth has three zones: a presentation, technical, and negotiation zone.

The presentation area is the main platform of the booth where all the information materials are displayed.

Information is provided both with printed materials and using multimedia technologies with augmented reality components.

The booth will present the main investment projects of the Saratov Region and provide visualization with geo-referencing on an interactive map of the region.

There negotiation zone includes a closed and open negotiation room.

The technical zone offers multimedia equipment and catering.

Black Sea Trade and Development Bank (BSTDB)

The Black Sea Trade and Development Bank (BSTDB) is an international financial organization that was established by the governments of Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine. The Bank’s headquarters are located in Thessaloniki, Greece. With registered capital of EUR 3.45 billion, the Bank promotes economic development and regional cooperation of its member countries. The BSTDB has a ‘A-’ long-term credit rating from Standard & Poor's and an ‘A2’ rating from Moody's. Additional information about the BSTDB is available at www.bstdb.org.

Minprirody (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation)

As part of the priority project ‘Wild Nature of Russia – Preserve and See,’ which aims to preserve the ecosystem and develop ecotourism, visitors to the exhibition of the Ministry of Natural Resources will have a chance to admire the picturesque and breath-taking views of pristine nature taken at nature reserves and national parks throughout Russia. The unique format of a spherical video in virtual reality glasses will allow viewers to fully immerse themselves in what is going on.

The booth of the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources will also present a multimedia exposition as part of the priority project ‘Clean Country’ showing how everyday garbage affects the ecosystem for hundreds of years.

Another exhibit will demonstrate how difficult and important it is to establish a delicate balance between the sustainable use of natural resources and the preservation of the environment.

All the booth’s guests will have an opportunity to taste oxygen cocktails and teas based on herbal collections from the regions.

Wellpharm LLC

Wellpharm is a modern high-tech pharmaceutical plant that meets the GMP requirements and manufactures high-quality, effective medicines at affordable prices. The enterprise was built with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Industrial Development Fund of the Russian Federation, and the Government of the Kurgan Region.

The plant’s production capacity consists of: ampoule-based injection solutions – 150 million ampoules per year; coated and non-coated tablets – 80 million packs of ten per year, and solid capsules – 20 million packs of ten per year.

Wellpharm has started implementing a project to establish the production of pharmaceutical substances.

The purpose of taking part in the Russian Investment Forum exhibition is to demonstrate the positive experience of public-private cooperation, present domestically produced medicines, and search for business partners for the organization of contractual production and co-investors for the further development of the project.

Kursk Region

The Kursk Region’s exposition is presented under the slogan ‘Kursk Region – A Region with a Comfortable Future’.

The booth is fitted out with modern technologies.

The booth walls present investment projects being implemented in the region and describe its investment potential for the next five years. Such plans include the largest meat-processing complex in Russia, a new nuclear power plant, a crusher and conveyor complex in the quarry of the world’s biggest iron ore deposit, and an innovative complex for growing champignons from compost. Projects to develop the pharmaceutical industry, instrument-making, and the construction of an equestrian complex, which are on a smaller scale in terms of cost but are equally important, will also be presented.

Everyone who visits the Kursk Region’s booth will be provided with information about the region’s development using interactive multimedia tools. The Kursk Region is open to all guests and business partners!