Rules for using Wi-Fi

Rules for using Wi-Fi at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum and Exhibition venue

Use of own equipment providing Wi-Fi coverage is permitted provided the rules are observed and permission is obtained to use radio transmission equipment (hereinafter RTE), as established by these Rules.

The procedure for obtaining permission to use RTE during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum and the Exhibition (hereinafter the Event) apply to all radio transmission devices requiring licensed frequencies (two-way radio communications, WiFi access points, etc.).

Contractors’ employees that, for production needs, will be located at the Event venue, as well as organizations and their employees participating in the Event (hereinafter the RTE Users) appoint a person responsible for obtaining permission to use radio frequencies during the Event and notify the IT department of the Roscongress Foundation to this effect.

Procedure for obtaining permission to use radio frequencies:

  1. The RTE User must fill in an application to use RTE at the Event venue and send it by email to:

  2. After correct completion of the application is checked, the IT department draws up an order for allocating a radio frequency, which is sent to the Federal Guard Service of Russia (the Regulator) for a temporary permit to be issued for using RTE during the Event at the central venue.

  3. The RTE User receives notification to the e-mail indicated thereby concerning the status of their radio frequency application.

  4. After receiving temporary permission, the RTE User must familiarise themselves with the terms for using radio frequencies and reprogram their RTE to the radio frequency nominals allocated before arriving at the Event venue.

Attention! There are limited radio frequencies available and the RTE User must submit the application for permission for the requested radio frequency nominals and channels at least 15 (fifteen) working days before the Event. The conclusion concerning the radio frequency application takes at least 10 (ten) working days.

Given permission to use a radio frequency, it is not necessary to register the RTE!

It is prohibited to operate RTE without permission to use a radio frequency at the Event venue!

List of the RTE with no permission required:

  • Subscriber devices (USB-modems) for wireless-free access to radio technologies GSM, IMT-MC, UMTS, Wi-Fi, WiMax, LTE, including ones integrated into or included in other devices.

    Use of subscriber devices is permitted exclusively for personal purposes; creation of a WiFi network for operation of devices or personnel groups is prohibited without a permit!

  • GSM, IMT-MC and UMTS standard mobile subscriber telephones, including ones integrated into or included in other devices.

  • Subscriber land stations of INMARSAT, Globalstar, Turaiya and Iridium mobile satellite communications.

  • Remote controls for vehicle radio alarms.

  • Bluetooth radio-electronic devices, including ones integrated into or included in other devices.

  • Radio-electronic devices for locating and saving victims of natural disasters.

  • User reception devices of the GPS/Glonass satellite navigation systems, including ones integrated into or included in other devices.

  • Various medical implants and other medical items implanted into the human body.

  • Radio aural training devices for people with hearing problems.

  • Remote controls for camera shutters and flashes.

LIST of types of radio-electronic devices prohibited for use at the Event venue without permission:

  • Wi-Fi access points

  • Portable and mobile radio stations and radio sets