Russian Investment Forum in Sochi to lead the way in series of international events in Russia

14 February 2018

The Russian Investment Forum in Sochi will throw open its doors today, 14 February. The business event is the first in a series of significant international ones to be held in Russia in 2018. After the Sochi Forum, heads of governments and of various ministries and agencies and business leaders from across the world will gather again at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg (24–26 May), and, later this year, at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok (6–7 September) and the Russian Energy Week in Moscow (3–4 October).

“For the second year now, the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi will take on a new format. It has now emerged as the country’s major platform for promoting regional investment opportunities. This year, the Forum will bring together a record number of heads of Russia’s constituent entities, with 41 regions opening their own booths at the investment exhibition. The Forum’s business programme focuses on improvements to public administration, inter-budget relations, promotion of regional entrepreneurship, digital technologies, human capital, the healthcare system, social sphere, and other matters,” Russian Presidential Advisor Anton Kobyakov said.

The key topic of this year’s Russian Investment Forum is ‘Envisioning the future.’ The programme features three topical modules: ‘New Regional Policy: Improving Administration,’ ‘A Fresh Boost for Regional Business,’ and ‘Improving the Quality of Life.’

The Russian Investment Forum opens on Young Enterprise Day. The day’s business sessions will spotlight the input of young entrepreneurs into the country’s development.

A plenary session ‘Investing in the regions, investing in the future,’ to be attended by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, is to be held tomorrow, 15 February.

By tradition, Dmitry Medvedev will also meet with the business community to discuss ‘Non-resource exports development: Objectives and tools’ and attend one of the scheduled round-table meetings.

The event’s second day will also see the opening of the Non-Profit Sector Lab – a new platform deployed by the Roscongress Foundation to help charity and non‑profit organizations present and publicize their programmes, events and lectures with a view to facilitating development of social projects.

On 16 February, the Prime Minister is expected to meet with heads of constituent entities of the Russian Federation.


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