About the forum

The Russian Investment Forum is a popular and influential platform for presenting the investment and economic potential of Russia’s regions. The Forum promotes the development of small and medium-sized business, the emergence of new growth points and the strengthening of business relations between Russian companies and foreign partners.

The Forum is held with the participation of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.

In 2019, over 8,000 participants from 65 countries visited the Russian Investment Forum. A total of 84 federal subjects of the Russian Federation were represented at the Forum, including 79 that were represented by heads of regions. For more detailed information on the outcomes of the Russian Investment Forum 2019, see the '2019 Forum highlights' section.

The main events of the Russian Investment Forum will take place at the Sirius Park of Science and Art in Sochi.

Address: Main Media Centre, 1, Olimpiysky Prospekt, Sochi, Krasnodar Region

It takes an average of 10–15 minutes to get from Sochi International Airport to the Forum venue. The journey time from the centre of Sochi and the Krasnaya Polyana resorts to the Forum venue is around an hour.

For more detailed information on the Forum venue, see the ‘Forum venue’ section.

The key event on the Russian Investment Forum business programme is the plenary session attended by the Russian Prime Minister. The plenary session may only be attended by Premium Package participants.


The Russian Investment Forum exhibition area is a unique platform for presenting investment projects and demonstration of В2В solutions and technologies to Russian and foreign investors, as well as for meeting with relevant world trends, searching for solutions, consolidating efforts and fostering exchange of experience among the Forum participants.

For more detailed information, see the ‘Exhibitions’ section.

For questions concerning participation in the exhibition, please contact the Roscongress Foundation’s Exhibition Projects Directorate:

 +7 (495) 640 6547
 +7 (495) 640 7844

Victoria Mayorova,
Head of the West section of the Exhibition Projects Directorate

 +7 (495) 640 6547, ext. 1141
 +7 (921) 347 3109

The Case Zone is a special communication platform in the exhibition area where participants have the opportunity to present their investment projects to potential investors with the aim of securing the project’s future implementation. Participants will also be able to hold meetings with the heads of Russian federal subjects and leaders of the investment community in an open dialogue format.

To submit an application for presenting investment projects at the Case Zone, go to the ‘Case Zone 2020’ section.

For more information on participation options, please contact Exhibition Projects Directorate:

Anna Shustikova,
Exhibition Projects Directorate


To participate in the Russian Investment Forum as a moderator or speaker, an application should be sent to the programme preparation working group at programme@roscongress.org. Applications must include the participant’s contact details, position, and organization, as well as a brief abstract of their talk on the chosen topic.

If the application is submitted after the Forum programme architecture has been published online, please indicate precisely where the talk would fit within the programme.

For more information, please contact the Forum information centre:

 +7 (495) 640 6547

Forum partner is a prestigious status that provides unique business promotion opportunities at the Russian Investment Forum venue. These include opportunities for partners to present their accomplishments and upcoming projects, participate in the business programme, organize thematic areas, business events and press conferences, receive media support, and use the Forum’s print materials and advertising spaces for promotion.

For more detailed information on participating in the Forum as a partner, see the ‘Become a partner’ section.


Personal Web Office

The personal web office is a personalized section of the official Forum website, offering a wide range of features helping participants to organize their work at the Forum.

You can use your personal web office to edit your personal data, upload a badge photo, create an agreement or invoice/agreement and pay the participation fee, register for cultural and sporting programme events, submit a personal vehicle accreditation request, and access essential Forum services.

To access the personal web office, please enter the personal login and password found in the information letter you received with your invitation to the Forum.

To log into your personal web office, please enter the personal login and password found in the information letter you received with your invitation to the Forum.

Should a participant lose or forget their login and password, they may ask the contact person at the Roscongress Foundation to provide the information again. The contact person’s details can be confirmed by calling the Forum information centre:

 +7 (495) 640 6547

For security reasons, your login and password for the personal web office are updated every year, so please make sure to use the login and password from the invitation to the Russian Investment Forum 2020.

The Russian Investment Forum strictly adheres to legal requirements for the protection of the personal data of all participants.

The personal web office has been developed using SSL data encryption to ensure the highest levels of security and confidentiality of participants’ personal data.

For more detailed information about our privacy policy, please visit the Forum website.

Forum participants must confirm that they consent to the processing of their personal data before completing the application form or when first logging into their personal web office. In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, consent to the processing of personal data is a prerequisite for registering an application for participation in the Forum.

Once you have confirmed your participation in the Forum via the personal web office, you will be given the opportunity to consent to having information about yourself published on the Forum website and the meeting scheduler.

If a participant does not grant consent, other participants will be unable to send them messages in the meeting scheduler.

The meeting scheduler will go online closer to the dates of the Forum in the ‘Day planner’ section of the personal web office and in the Russian Investment Forum mobile app.

Personal information can be edited in the personal web office. If changes need to be made to fields that cannot be edited, the contact person at the Roscongress Foundation should be notified. The relevant contact information can be found in the personal web office.

You can upload a photograph for your badge in the personal web office. Badges will not be issued without photographs.

Photograph requirements:

  • Colour photograph on a light background
  • Image format – jpg or jpeg
  • 480x640 pixels in size
  • Front view of the participant’s entire face, without head covering
  • Subject’s face must take up at least 70% of the image

You can book individual tour services and theatre tickets in the corresponding sections of the personal web office. To submit a request, select a chosen event from the list and provide contact details to confirm arrangements.

Theatre tickets and tours must be paid for separately.

These sections will be available closer to the dates of the Forum.

If a participant requires mobility assistance at the Forum venue, a request should be submitted via the personal web office no later than three days before arrival at the Forum.

Forum participants can use the ‘Day Planner’ section of the personal web office to create a personal schedule and to plan and arrange business meetings. This section will be available two weeks before the Forum and only after payment for participation in the Forum has been received.

  • In order to arrange meetings and view incoming and outgoing invitations, go to the ‘Create a meeting’ and ‘Invitations’ sections. Meetings can be held both at the Forum venue and outside it.
  • In order to add an event from the Forum programme to your personal schedule, go to the ‘Programme’ section and select the event you are interested in.
  • In order to include an event in your personal schedule that is not part of the official Forum programme, use the ‘Create an event’ option.

The ‘Day Planner’ section can also be accessed via the Russian Investment Forum mobile app, which will be available for free download on the App Store and Google Play two weeks before the Forum.


The Russian Investment Forum venue and a number of cultural and sporting programme events may only be accessed with an accreditation badge.

In order to avoid any inconvenience when accessing the venue, participants are advised to leave any items prohibited at the Forum venue at their accommodation or in their vehicle.

The accreditation procedure includes the submission of a completed participation application, approval of participation by the Russian Investment Forum Organizing Committee, and the issuing of an accreditation badge.

The badge is a pre-programmed proximity card, a unique key linked to the participant’s information in the Forum database. The badge contains the holder’s name and surname in English, their organization, level of access, and photograph, as well as the Forum branding.

Accreditation badges are required for access to the Forum venue. The badge is the only valid document confirming a participant’s Forum accreditation at event venues.

The badge is personalized and may not be transferred to third parties. Participants should keep their badges and identity documents with them at all times while at the Forum venue.

Before collecting your badge, please make sure that:

You can check whether your accreditation badge is ready for collection in the personal web office, via your contact person at the Roscongress Foundation, or by calling the Forum information centre: +7 (495) 640 6547.

A participant badge can only be collected upon presentation of the identification document (passport) indicated in the ‘Personal information’ section of the personal web office.

If there have been any changes to an ID since an application for participation was submitted, please make the corresponding changes to the data provided in the personal web office. If changes need to be made to fields that cannot be edited, contact person at the Roscongress Foundation should be notified.

Before issuing a badge, the accreditation point attendant will make sure that the data specified in the personal web office matches the ID provided. If there are any discrepancies, it will not be possible to issue a badge on the same day.

If someone will be collecting a badge by power of attorney, they will need to present the following:

* A power of attorney form and an example of how to complete it will be available for download from the ‘Collecting a badge’ section of the official Forum website closer to the dates of the Forum.

** Passport copies will be returned once the badges have been issued.

If your accreditation badge is lost or damaged, please go to the Help Desk or any accreditation point immediately. The lost badge will then be blocked and a replacement badge will be issued to the holder upon written request.


Sochi is one of Russia’s largest resort cities and has a highly developed transport infrastructure. The city is home to an international airport, two railway stations, a commercial and passenger port, and numerous highways.

For useful information on transport routes to Sochi, see the ‘How to get to Sochi’ section.

Sochi has a pleasant and humid subtropical climate. Average temperatures in February range from +5°С to +10°С.

The combination of high humidity and wind means that the weather always feels colder than it is, so visitors are encouraged to bring warm clothing and an umbrella.

The time zone for Sochi is Moscow Time (UTC+3).